Desktops & Laptops

When your employees aren’t working as productively as possible, it could be due to slow computers; but how would you know for sure?

Servers & Data

These are the backbone of any business and a million-and-one things can go wrong, about half of which can lead to serious issues for your company.

Network Integrity

Your users need always-available, consistently-fast network bandwidth in order to access their applications 24/7 and on-demand. Do they have it?

Cyber Security

Not every company knows where they’re vulnerable, but we’ll pinpoint everywhere that your computer network defense perimeter is exploitable.

Wireless Technology

“Mobility” is shorthand for dynamic workplaces and on-the-go employees, and guaranteeing both is paramount to meeting your company’s performance goals.

Software Compliance

Comprehensive audits of your apps and operating system licensing will ensure you’re using the latest, safest versions and potentially shield you from fines.

Achieving Your Goals

Don’t let inferior technology stand in your way. Invite a Mikula IT Consulting advisor to evaluate your IT’s internal controls and overall effectiveness -- and ensure peak performance.